Apple to release 10.86-inch iPad Air OLED next year, iPad Pro OLED in 2023

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A new report from The Elec claims that Apple is preparing an iPad model with an organic LED (OLED) display next year as soon as possible. Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first came up with the idea in March.

The Elec mengklaim bahwa Apple akan meluncurkan iPad OLED dengan layar 10,86 inci pada tahun 2022, kemungkinan besar dinamakan sebagai iPad Air karena iPad Air saat ini sudah memiliki ukuran layar yang sama persis, sebagaimana dikutip 9to5mac baru-baru ini.

Perusahaan juga disebut sedang mempersiapkan iPad OLED 11 inci dan 12,9 inci untuk tahun 2023, yang secara alami akan menjadi model iPad Pro.

Laporan tersebut mengklaim bahwa Apple akan menggunakan OLED kaku untuk iPad Air, sedangkan model iPad Pro masa depan akan memanfaatkan struktur OLED yang fleksibel.

The flexible OLED allows for thinner screen bezels because the display components can be bent internally. Apple has been using this technique on iPhones since 2017, with the introduction of the iPhone X.

The move to OLED is interesting and somewhat counterintuitive, considering that Apple recently released the iPad Pro with mini-LED display technology. However, OLED is superior to mini-LED in the fact that each pixel is illuminated individually.

Mini-LEDs rely on a larger dimming zone region which can cause a backlighting halo effect for certain types of content. However, the drawbacks of OLED are poor off-angle performance and are prone to burn-in. Mini-LED panels can generally achieve a higher maximum brightness than OLED too.

It’s a bit unusual for Apple to release new hardware, in this case the 2021 iPad Pro, with a very new display technology that will radically change it again in two years’ time. However, so many supply chain publications report that this is on the roadmap, which seems likely to be the case.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg has reported that Apple will radically overhaul the external chassis of the iPad Pro next year. The design of the iPad Pro is said to replace aluminum with glass as the back case material, enabling inductive wireless charging for the first time.

Source: 9TO5MAC

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