Apple Stores offering free appointments with a sign language interpreter

Apple now offers pre-programmed sign language interpreter support at hundreds of its retail stores in nearly a dozen countries. Service is provided to clients by appointment free of charge.

Starting today, customers can visit their local Apple Store webpage and request a sign language interpreter for their next store visit. The request link will send an email to the store and Apple will follow up to arrange an appointment.

Currently, sign language interpreter services are available by appointment at Apple Stores in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria.

Apple has long been a leader in retail accessibility and began offering ASL interpreters at its flagship DC Carnegie Library store in 2019. The company has a partnership with Gallaudet, a university offering training in the deaf community. Over 30 members of the deaf and hard of hearing community are employed at the Carnegie Library Store.

Visit Apple’s website to request a sign language interpreter.

Today at Apple, creative sessions hosted both in-store and online are also often supported by sign language interpreters, and Apple is installing assistive listening systems in all of its stores equipped with a video wall for live events.

Last year, Apple started offering transparent face masks to its retail and corporate employees to help people with hearing loss understand speech better.

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