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“Apple Rumored to Prepare USB-C Cables and Sockets for iPhone 15: EU Reacts”

Rumors report that Apple is in the process of preparing proprietary USB-C cables and sockets for its iPhone 15. Rumors that did not fail to make the European Union react.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton reportedly sent a warning letter to Apple following these rumours. However, none of this information has yet been confirmed or denied by the Cupertino giant, which still has more than a year to comply with the region’s new regulations on the USB-C port on its iPhone.

Fantasies and rumors

Apple has this reputation of wanting to control all of its products and accessories to optimize its turnover. A reputation that does not come out of nowhere and which proves to be quite true overall. For example, when the European Union adopted new legislation which obliges manufacturers of certain types of electronic devices, including smartphones, to integrate a USB-C port, many looked at Apple with wide eyes, wondering what the company was going to do to capitalize financially on the future end of the iPhone Lightning port. As early as February, the first rumors announced that the iPhone 15 will be well equipped with a USB-C port but that the firm would limit the charging speed on non-certified “Made for iPhone” sockets.

In March, it was the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who added a part to the machine by specifying “I believe Apple will optimize the fast charging performance on the iPhone 15 MFi-certified cables.”

The EU takes the lead

Whether mere rumors or the real plans of Apple, these words have not gone by European officials. According to the German newspaper The time, Thierry Breton, the European commissioner for the internal market, sent a letter to Apple, warning the company that limiting the functionality of USB-C cables would not be allowed. Worse, if the company imposed these limitations, the iPhone could not ultimately be sold on European territory when the legislation comes into force. The letter was seen by the German press agency dpa. The apple giant would also have been warned last March during a meeting.

But now, the new regulation imposing the USB-C port in Europe will not come into force before the end of 2024. In the meantime, Apple is entirely within its right to offer more efficient home charging cables than the others for its iPhones. Anyway, this whole affair is still only in the state of rumors. Apple has not announced anything specific on its side. We will have to wait for the announcement of the iPhone 15 to begin to get an idea of ​​its plans for the future.

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