Apple removes 39,000 games from Chinese app store due to government regulations – Gaming – News

Now the exact opposite is going on and we are going their way, we are just censoring for them ……. dark people are removed from posters for the Chinese market etc., etc.

There are some dark Chinese, or Afro-Chinese if you want to call it that.
These are children of at least one Chinese parent, who were often stationed in Africa and had a child there with someone.
However, it is a very small one minority group in China, and most afro-Asians therefore do not live in Asia.

Not putting them in advertisements is therefore more purely business because there is no market for it (despite 1.4 billion people) and people do not recognize themselves in it, not directly from racism. (Which Chinese are racist towards black people Even to the Afro-Chinese naturalized as Chinese (two nationalities are not allowed), is beyond dispute, but it is a completely different discussion that you can have for many countries that naturalize people from one native parent.)

Something like this touting something that’s great for Inuit. I wonder if that really appeals to you and then buy it, because Inuit have it?
Or do you think less people would buy it for that reason, with Inuit here and Afro-Chinese in the ads?
You advertise to attract and sell customers.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Teijgetje op 31 december 2020 21:01]

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