Apple Releases iPhone 15 Series in Thailand, Attracts Crowds and Offers Impressive Features

Apple Releases iPhone 15 Series in Thailand, Attracts Crowds and Offers Impressive Features

Apple has released the iPhone 15 series (iPhone 15) in the Thai market on the morning of September 22. which has interested people flocking to queue to buy at Apple Central World Starting from the evening of September 21 and gradually coming. Until it was full in front of the store, which opened its doors from 8:00 a.m. on Sept. 22. Most of the customers are foreigners from many countries. Especially in Vietnam where Apple has not yet launched sales.

The team received the device to review the initial use of the iPhone 15 series, all models, each color model, so they compared the pro version and the entry-level version, a total of 4 models together.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Summary for those who don’t want to read long: iPhone 15 Pro Max is the best choice because the specs are complete in every aspect. The most expensive price starts at 48,900 baht, but has a weak point: it’s not very comfortable to use with one hand. Because of the large 6.7-inch screen, if this is a big issue, you have to go back and use the iPhone 15 Pro with a 6.1-inch screen instead. The camera specs will be a little inferior. But the price is cheaper, starting at 41,900 baht.

Durable and beautiful titanium design

Although the appearance looks similar to the original model But from the new design Using titanium as the phone frame Make the machine lighter It is clearly felt compared to the previous model. It is a durable material with a surface that has been brushed until shiny, has rounded edges and a thin screen bezel. It looks classy and beautiful, especially the natural titanium color that gets the most attention.

New A17 Pro chip makes iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max the most powerful yet Let’s look beyond smartphones and jump to the console game market. From testing through Geekbench 6, the new chip’s GPU processing results received a high score of 27,231 points, higher than the iPhone14 Pro’s A16 Bionic chip with 22,280 points. The multi-core CPU scored 7,144 points, higher than the iPhone 14 Pro’s 6,375 points.

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The A17 Pro chip supports ray tracing for heavy games that normal smartphones haven’t supported before. From testing the gameplay of Resident Evil Village through TestFlight, which will come on the iPhone 15 Pro later this year, initial play through direct control of the iPhone felt that the game flowed well. The picture is sharp and the details can be seen well. Looks dark in the style of this game. Supports Thai language But after playing for a while, the iPhone felt hotter than usual. For gaming computers, connecting them to controller devices will increase the full playing experience.

The camera system has been upgraded when combined with iOS17 and takes much more beautiful photos. The camera system is easy to use. When taking portraits, you can choose to edit them after taking the photo. There is no need to go to Portrait mode first like the previous model. Better night photo mode give more details Better shooting in low light conditions, 5X telephoto, good clarity.

The main camera supports ProRAW mode at a new default of 24 MP from a maximum of 48 MP, reducing the file size by half. Which is more convenient to store and share. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max cameras are like having a 7-lens pro camera together. Photography has added a main camera to choose from: 1X at a distance of 24 mm, 1.2X at a distance of 28 mm and 1.5X Distance 35 mm.

Ultra-wide camera mode, main camera 24 mm, main camera 28 mm.

For the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the telephoto lens can optically zoom 5X, distance 120 mm, portrait mode up to 5X. For iPhone 15 Pro, the optical zoom can be 3X, distance 77 mm, portrait mode can be taken. Up to 3X

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Main camera 35 mm. Tele camera 48 mm. Tele camera 120 mm.

A new action button replaces the old mute-unmute button. Can be set to 9 modes according to frequently used modes, such as pressing the camera to work and pressing to take photos immediately.

Shows an action button in place of the on-off sound button. Can be set to 9 modes such as camera, focus, flashlight, shortcut key.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have switched to the same USB-C port as the Mac, iPad, and AirPods Pro (2nd generation). They support USB 3, which provides data transfer speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. Or 20 times faster than before. It can also directly supply charging power to iPhone14 and other devices such as Apple Watch and AirPods.

2x portraits, 5x portraits

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

Conclusion Apple seems to have clearly divided the segments of users of the iPhone 15 series. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus come in beautiful colors. Suitable for being a fashion smartphone Technology is still in full swing. But it’s worth the price. The screen supports Dynamic Island like the top model. Big upgrade in camera system The main camera has been increased to 48 MP using the A16 Bionic chip, the same chip used in the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Both models have the same specs. The only difference is that the iPhone 15 screen has a 6.1 inch screen and the starting price is 32,900 baht, while the iPhone 15 Plus has a 6.7 inch screen and starts at 37,900 baht.

Beautiful new colors, state-of-the-art camera system

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have a new design that looks beautiful and elegant in 5 new pastel colors: pink, yellow, green, blue and black. The back is colored glass with a rounded edge on the aluminum body.

The camera system has been significantly upgraded. The main camera is 48 MP, a 4x increase from the previous model, and uses computational image processing to allow a new high-resolution default setting up to 24 MP. The optical camera has 3 levels of zoom. at 0.5X, 1X and 2X

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photo example

For the portrait mode, it has been upgraded. The shooting session is in normal mode if the subject being photographed is a person or pet. It will be captured automatically. No need to switch to Portrait mode. Once you’ve taken the photo, you can easily edit it into a portrait in the Photos app. Just tap the point you want to focus on. When we tried taking photos, it was very convenient. It’s fast and can adjust focus as needed. The depth of field can be adjusted very well. But the depth of field is not as sharp as the shallow depth of field. Portraits produce realistic skin tones. As for the night photo mode, it provides more sharp details.

The A16 Bionic chip was used in previous Pro iPhone models. It’s the first to be used in lower-end models, making the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus able to handle tough tasks with ease. work faster Battery lasts longer Both models have also switched to a USB-C port as a power bank for directly charging AirPods and Apple Watch.

usb-c port

When working with iOS17, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have many new capabilities. In particular, NameDrop is a new way to use AirDrop to make it easier to share contact information by simply placing both iPhones together. Stacked Or place them next to each other, place them close together, and you can also share content and more via AirDrop.

Automatically edit images by simply tapping where you want depth of field without having to switch to portrait mode. Automatically edit images by simply tapping where you want depth of field without having to switch to portrait mode.

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