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After you got some on the iOS 14 topic talking about release management, come and do that on this news item. You assume again that it is developers’ fault and that their planning should be better, without taking into account that it is not just about new features or getting an app iOS 14 ready based on the iOS 13 SDK.

What may seem like “want specific features of iOS14 to work” to you may mean to some developers that they need the SDK of iOS14 to do bugfixing or to be iOS 14 compatible, without app crashing on startup, for example. To use that, they must have Xcode 12, and when was Xcode 12 released, officially? Yesterday. When could devs build, test, and submit their code with Xcode 12? Yesterday evening. You cannot assume that the Xcode / iOS beta testing is the same as the final release / GM / RC testing. How much time was there for Apple to review the app and release it in time, so that my user could maintain a working app? Less than 24 hours. Taking into account that Apple does not reject your app or it would have immediately become an unfeasible path.

Apple often puts their users first, but their users are also only satisfied if the quality of the apps is at a high level. They are undermining that with this accelerated release, and that’s not really okay.

Withdrawing a GM also means that Apple will also provide a new build as GM and then release it. The GM is a kind of “final beta”, an RC. In an RC you can still discover bugs and issues, just like you can have with your production build. Let’s say the GM is the RC and will actually go into production in the majority of cases.

In software development you also make an RC which you will thoroughly test, which is why it is also an RC. If there are no more issues, you have a thoroughly tested package to bring to production. If you have any issues, go back to your IDE and fix the bugs As far as I am concerned, it is best to roll out a release in phases, to avoid unforeseen impact, should something still go wrong despite thorough testing. Apple is now taking the time for thorough testing away due to a hasty release, which is something you can hardly put to developers.

I also like other elements of your post reply provided in the forum post. Know that it all goes a bit further than your vision of a roadmap or purely “offer the most recent feature from the start, because you can”.

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