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And Ackerman / Crumpe

A global chip shortage would cause delays in the production of two important Apple products, the MacBook and the iPad. According to a report by financial publication Nikkei Asia, a lack of mounting components for the MacBook and display components for the iPad has caused Apple to postpone some production until the second half of the year.

The report notes that for now, the shortage will not affect Apple’s ability to make devices available to customers, but it will tighten the tech giant’s supply chain.

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Apple is well known for managing complex supply chains, but a widespread component shortage has become severe enough to affect even the largest companies, including Apple, its rival Samsung and much of the automotive industry. Nikkei Asia notes that since the shortage hurts the largest companies with the most influence over manufacturers, its effect on smaller companies is likely to be much more drastic.

The shortage would not have affected the production of iPhones.

Apple did not immediately respond to Crumpe’s request for comment.

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