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JAKARTA (enteratoday) – It is rumored that Apple is preparing to make a modem specifically for the iPhone which was developed independently to be used in 2023.

The news strengthens Apple to be able to switch from Qualcomm’s modem and start using its own products.

Quoted from GSM Arena, Thursday, a report from Nikkei Asia noted that Apple will use its 5G modem built with the TSMC 4nm process node.

Apple’s decision to use its own modem is based on a patent dispute with Qualcomm in 2018.

However, the latest iPhone series, the iPhone 13, is known to still use the Qualcomm X60 modem.

Apple’s modification of the modem has actually been done since 2020. Especially since the Intel smartphone modem division was acquired by Apple for 1 billion US dollars.

The development of Apple’s modem is getting stronger with the presence of a research and development center in Munich, Germany

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