Apple No Longer Collaborating With iPhone Designers


Cooperation between Apple and designer Jony Ive had completely stopped, signaling the end of a working relationship between the two that had lasted for more than 30 years.

Ive has left his position as Chief Design Officer at Apple since 2019 to set up an independent design company called LoveFrom. But Ive still works for Apple as a consultant and he hoped to work with Apple for the next few years.

Ive is under a multi-year contract with a value of more than USD 100 million. Apple became one of LoveFrom’s main clients, but this contract prevented Ive from working on projects that were deemed to be in competition with Apple.



Ive and Apple are reportedly ready to extend this cooperation contract. But they decided not to renew the contract, and three years later this partnership officially ended.

According to a report by The New York Times, executives Apple reportedly questioned how much Apple paid Ive, and frustrated that many designers were leaving Apple to join LoveFrom.

Meanwhile, Ive wants to be more free to choose clients without having to get permission from Apple first, as quoted from The Verge, Wednesday (13/7/2022).

Going forward, Apple COO Jeff Williams will lead Apple’s design team along with the marketing team led by Greg Joswiak. Industrial design will be led by Evans Hankey and software design will be led by Alan Dye.

Ive himself is known as one of the important figures in Apple since joining the iPhone manufacturer in 1992. He is the visionary figure behind the design of iconic Apple products, including the iPhone, iMac, Apple Watch, to Apple retail stores around the world.

Ive is also one of the confidants of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Together, the two brought Apple out of bankruptcy in the 1990s and into the tech giant it is today.

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