Apple Music now has Disney playlists and radio stations

Disney on Apple Music

For example, you will find a list of workout songs on which you can work out, there are love songs, a playlist in Dutch or Spanish, villains, classics, instrumental music and also Disney Pride numbers. Fall asleep at the Lullaby playlist or play the Junior list for the youngest. You can also sing along, namely with the Disney Sing-Alongs. Disney also responds to current events with a Halloween list full of spooky songs from the archive. An overview can be found here.

At the radio stations you can choose from anything and everything, such as Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel and more. At the same time, the Disney Hits Radio radio station will be launched Apple Music. Here you will find almost 80 years of Disney music. There are more inteviews with composer Alan Menkin, artist Christina Aguilera and several other well-known voices behind the Disney characters.

Frozen 2 on Disney Plus

Disney has even more to offer: they activated 4K HDR for iTunes purchases in early October. People who bought an HD movie get a free upgrade to 4K quality. Disney also has a streaming service itself, Disney+, which you can watch for € 6.99 per month.

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