Apple makes more money from video games than Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Activision Blizzard combined

When you think of video games, names like PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo come to mind. However, recent information has just revealed that there is a company that makes much more money, without even developing titles: Apple.

According to information from Gizmochina, One of the latest lawsuits Apple has been involved in lately revealed that the company generates impressive amounts of money in the video game sector, exceeding the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Activision Blizzard combined, at least during 2019. As you hear it Despite the fact that Apple does not create its own games, it makes much more money than companies that are dedicated entirely to this industry. But why?

The reason for this disproportionate amount of money that Apple earns is the direct result of the 30% tax that the company charges on each sale of video games or video game content that is marketed in the App Store. So, for example, if Among Us makes $ 1 million a month in cosmetics, Apple is left with $ 300,000 simply for allowing the game to exist in its ecosystem.

According to articles of The Wall Street Journal and Sensor Tower, Apple billed $ 15.9 MMDD during fiscal year 2019, of which $ 8.5 MMDD was related to gaming. This means that of the company’s total earnings, 69% were related to video games.

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