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Apple Launches New Free Sports App for Live Match Results and Streaming

Apple has launched a new, free application called Apple Sports, which provides users with match results in a large number of sports leagues around the world.

The application allows the user to follow his favorite teams or sports tournaments, to receive the latest news about them, in addition to knowing the timing of the matches and their results.

The new Apple application also offers the ability to follow matches live by providing an addition to the Apple TV service directly within the “Apple Sports” application in the form of a button. Once pressed, the broadcast is played.

Eddy Cue, Director of Apple’s Services Sector, announced that the new application gives sports fans everything they need within one application, from following results and statistics to watching matches.

Q was beaten during a television interview with a network CNBCFor example, when he follows basketball, when he opens the application and sees the results of his favorite team, he will be able to go directly to watch a live broadcast of one of its matches via the Apple TV button within the “Apple Sports” application.

The new sports service from Apple allows you to follow a group of sports tournaments around the world, such as football in the United States (MLS), the American professional basketball league (NBA), and the American hockey championship (NHL), in addition to a group of international football leagues, such as the English Premier League and the German League. , the Italian League, and the Spanish League.

This comes within the framework of a fierce competition between giant technology companies to attract fans of various types of sports, as Netflix took a major step last January by purchasing the exclusive broadcast rights to professional wrestling matches WWE RAW, in a deal worth $5 billion to be paid over ten years.

It is noteworthy that the live broadcast market for sports matches in the United States has shifted significantly from traditional broadcasting on television to digital content broadcasting services. The UFC martial arts championship, also owned by TKO Group, sold the rights to broadcast a large number of its matches to the ESPN+ broadcast service, while it was… The rights to broadcast NFL matches go to the Amazon platform, including Thursday Night Football matches.

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