Apple launches new exclusive podcast: “The Line”

The Californian firm has been offering for a few hours a new podcast to listen to on the Apple Podcasts home application, available on iPhone and iPad.

The program is called “The Line” and features the following producers: Apple TV + as well as JigSaw Productions.

The story of The Line is in fact underpinned by two different contents: one offered as a podcast, the other offered as a documentary. The latter will be available exclusively on Apple TV + in the fall.

In The Line, it’s about learning more about Eddie Gallagher, former American soldier who belonged to the special forces of the SEAL group and accused of various war crimes, in particular by former soldiers who fought alongside him. We are talking about the murders of civilians and prisoners of war.

Pro-Trump, he took advantage of the presidential pardon granted by the former President of the United States to avoid having part of his sentence applied. Although he was not convicted on all counts for lack of sufficient evidence.

You can therefore listen to the first two episodes of The Line podcast on Apple Podcasts, while waiting for the arrival of the next episodes and especially the documentary Apple TV +. Note: the podcast is in English.


Podcasts made by Apple, a novelty?

Apple has offered exclusive podcasts related to Apple TV + content in the past. This was for example the case with the Oprah’s Book Club podcast as part of the partnership with Oprah Winfrey, but also with an official podcast on the For All Mankind series.

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It is rumored that the Californian giant is working on an exclusive paid podcast offer to complete its already well-stocked service catalog. The Line and these few other Apple podcasts would they then be the first snippets of this paid podcast offer ? The future will tell.

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