Apple is preparing a more affordable version of its Airpods Pro

Apple has apparently decided to start a new strategy. While the American giant is known for its quality products, marketed at fairly high prices, in 2020 we should see several versions of its flagship products available at more moderate prices. This will obviously be the case for his iPhone SE 2, teased for several months, and which should be presented on March 31. And if we believe the online media DigiTimes, Apple should not stop there, since the tech manufacturer is currently working on new connected headphones, cheaper than the Airpods Pro.

The price of these Airpods Pro Lite (a name which is not yet official) would be somewhere between that of Airpods 2 – which you can find at their best price here – and that of the Airpods Pro, which would allow the firm to reach a wider audience. Even if we are only at the rumor stage for the moment, these new headphones could be released by the end of the first half of the year. A program that will obviously be dependent on the Coronavirus epidemic that is raging in China, and which has already impacted many of the brand’s production lines, in particular with regard to its smartphones.


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