Apple iPhone Invitation Design Event Suggests Also Release AirTag: Okezone techno

BASED ON rumors circulating, Apple is working on a new accessory called an AirTag. It is a tracking device similar to Tile which the user can put in his bag, wallet, hang on a key chain, and much more.

However, Apple hasn’t officially announced anything regarding AirTags yet. Then is it possible to be launched at the Apple iPhone Event “Hi, Speed” on October 13 next week?

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As quoted from Ubergizmo, Wednesday (7/10/2020), in a tweet by technology analyst Jon Prosser, it was stated that the iPhone Apple Event could have launched AirTags. This can be indicated by the invitation design for the event.

He revealed that the circle in the invitation design for Apple’s iPhone 12 event could actually signal the launch of the AirTag. Of course the circular design is nothing more than an abstract image, but it may also be Apple’s way of hinting at an upcoming product before it launches.

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At the same time as growing evidence from AirTag, it is believed that this event is the right time to officially announce it.

iPhone Apple Event. (Foto: Twitter @jon_Prosser)


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