Apple invites women photographers from around the world to shoot with state-of-the-art cameras on the iPhone 12 models for the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8, Apple is inviting female photographers from around the world to take advantage of the innovative camera systems of the iPhone 12 models to convey the essence of gender and the influence that has on their work. Become a woman in the 2021’s, this collection introduces you to the endless array of inspirational women of talent. Including promoting the concept of women groups And support self reflection

The iPhone allows them to capture and explore women and sex in 2021 and compete more in the photography scene where men used to be. The iPhone is a powerful tool that allows them to bring new ideas, stories and images. Into the mainstream through various methods From capturing close-ups of what happened each day to the big moment.

Ideas and work from female photographers around the world

“When you have strong faith and determination in your heart Whether any man or woman Can make dreams come true. ”- Vanessa Wong (Hong Kong)

  • About Vanessa (Instagram): Vanessa specializes in black and white photography with iPhone, sports photography and likes to capture Hong Kong’s dynamic nature at night.
  • About her series recorded with iPhone 12 mini.

“My work differs from femininity in general in that color is used to communicate warmth, mood and feelings. But I transcended sex to become someone who lives the night. Among a culture where being alone at night is not commonplace. I defy that norm by using as little light as possible to tell the story. By allowing the elements of the picture to dissolve in the dark “

“Night mode is a powerful tool that allows me to learn my style in darker environments. When using my iPhone, I love playing with shadows and lights, which are at the heart of black and white photography. I hope that people who have seen my work will be able to use their creativity and imagination to interpret them in a variety of ways. By using black and white as a way to recreate their stories with their own ‘color’.

“Equality in my field is that more women and BIPOCs play a role in deciding which imagery creates, telling stories, ideas and understanding the mainstream of a very livable world. Up. ”- Vanessa Charlot (US)

  • About Vanessa (Instagram): Vanessa Charlot from St. Louis Is a documentary photographer primarily capturing black and white photographs to explore the common human experience that remains unchanged. And to break the hierarchy of role assignments Her work focuses on the overlapping states of spirituality. Social and economic problems And sexual expressions that shape the identity of a diverse human existence. Without oppressive eyes
  • About her series recorded with the iPhone 12 Pro Max:

“As a photographer who is a woman I am always thinking about the multi-stage family system where a woman is the head of the family. As well as how they forged family ties during difficult times. In the past, it was known that grandmothers in black families were the cornerstone of the family structure. He is the one who gives love, comfort, strength, and intelligence. Often the ideas and faces of older women are ignored in public spaces. Because appearance is inextricably linked with social values. But these women Older women, in particular, are expected to continue their duties. ”

“Using the iPhone has its advantages. As my work involves filming documentaries and creating images that portray humanity throughout my life, my iPhone 12 Pro Max has become an indispensable work tool. It integrates seamlessly into the workflow and ensures that I don’t miss a moment. I was able to shoot scenes that were realistic, unadorned, and personal. That is my signature style. Without the need for a big camera that distracts or distracts people. For myself and many others, the camera is a powerful tool.I love how the iPhone plays a key role in making media accessible to all. Including raising the level of new ideas, stories and images Into the mainstream “

“Being a woman in the 2021s doesn’t just have to focus on recognizing your own qualities. But also to convey to the world to know as well Then inspire each other. ”- Celia D. Luna (United States)

  • About Celia (Instagram): Inspired by a multicultural, cultured childhood, Andean folklore and rural Peruvian traditions, Celia D. Luna of Miami is a fashion and portrait photographer who Live the diverse cultures and talented women out through her color and style of storytelling.
  • On her series recorded with iPhone 12:
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“I want to show a group of women and share the beauty of women like Mother Earth. As I am aware that most women are aware of what will happen in the future when they become pregnant. They turned their attention to taking more care of Mother Earth. Because they wish the best for the baby. Taking care of something so great can only happen when we are united and help each other. ”

“IPhone 12 captures scenes full of vivid natural colors and captures all the beautiful details. Either the sand or the hair texture of the model. Without having to modify anything Just fix the light a little My photos are warm and pleasing to the eye, right. “

“The past 12 months have shown me how powerful a woman’s bond is. You can also see how photography can connect and empower women in these difficult times. ”- Karolina Jez (Canada)

  • About Karolina (Instagram): Montreal-based Karolina is a content creator and photographer influenced by growing up in Europe and surrounded by diverse cultures and languages ​​when he was very young. She has worked with leading brands like L’Oreal, Gucci Beauty and Ralph Lauren.
  • About her series recorded with the iPhone 12 Pro Max:

“As a female photographer working in an industry where mostly male photographers still exist. I aimed at studying the stories of other female creatives. In my portfolio What did they start from? How did they create their own brand? And what are your views on the world? I spent all day in the studio with an up-and-coming musician, Shah Frank. Her energy and abilities can be passed on to other people. ”

“I decided to take a black-and-white photo of Frank using my iPhone 12 Pro Max to try and find out her unique identity in the midst of the men around her in the studio. The Ultra Wide Camera is a real hero that allows me to capture the complete scene. Including Frank’s manner of interacting with the surrounding area. I love being able to create images from a very interesting perspective. Both from above and below “

“Being a woman in the 2021s is truly power.” – Rocío Del Valle (Chili).

  • About Rocío (Instagram): Rocío specializes in travel and nature photography. Her style is characterized by the use of light colors. Natural light and shadow As well as communicating feelings and emotions through her work
  • About her series recorded with the iPhone 12 mini:

“Even though you normally see me photographing nature or working with models. But taking self-portraits inspired me to face reality and find myself. I like to see the art of photography through a more emotional and feminine point of view. By capturing images of what I feel against what I see, my iPhone is an invaluable tool that allows me to do the above. Because of the wide camera that can expose a lot of light. So I was able to take this shot by just using the light that shines through the window. Which results in beautiful contrast with realistic shadows and colors throughout the image. “

“I believe that the use of art as a medium of expression is my claim. A Call to Promote Other Women Photographers In male-dominated circles And encourage them to encourage other women Around them as well Women like us have limitless creative potential. And that is our true power “

“To be a woman means understanding. Compassion and love for myself Women are the most powerful creatures. ”- Noura Al Neyadi (United Arab Emirates).

  • About Noura (Instagram): Noura began photographing nature using her father’s film camera when she was 11, and today she is inspired by modern architecture and local culture across the UAE.
  • On her series recorded with iPhone 12:

“For this series My goal is to capture inspiring women in the natural environment around them when Fatima Alhashmi, the first Emirates opera singer, doesn’t show you her amazing voice. She can surprise you by playing the piano or cello. She made a splash in the music scene where men were once great. And inspire young emirates to pursue their dreams in music. ”

“I used the iPhone 12’s Ultra Wide camera to take this shot. This enhances the feel of elegance by capturing every detail of the scene in its entirety. The additional boundaries help the audience get to know Noura’s emotions up close while still feeling the harmony of the behind-the-scenes scenery. ”

“I don’t want to claim that I am an anonymous. I just feel that there are a lot of things that define who I am and what I do better than I decide to be one gender. ”- Julia Mayorova (Russia)

  • About Julia (Instagram): Julia was born and raised in Russia. Currently living in Los Angeles. And shoots for leading fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, her style of photography focuses on the color gamut in a sophisticated atmosphere and clean lines.
  • About her series recorded with the iPhone 12 Pro:
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“We all have the same feminine and masculine side, and I have always had to contend with the feeling of wanting to be like a woman and wanting to be like a man. For this project I play with pink and blue. Which is the color most associated with the sexes in the color scheme To represent objects that are used in everyday life, things are mixed in color and so strange that you cannot imagine what the original color is. I like the idea of ​​this fluidity. It’s like a sky that’s blue during the day, then pink when the sun sets. It is like people who may have different feelings and appearances from time to time. And instead of sitting and thinking that those things are wrong or right Natural or unnatural Just enjoying and admiring their beauty is enough. “

“I only use the iPhone for post-production editing. I use the adjustments built into the Photos app to reduce the overall noise. And use filters to add a unique identity But what is amazing is the speed we get from processing very complex images. By scanning and editing layers manually, transforming them into creative possibilities. That can be remembered by using just one iPhone “

“Curiosity is an admirable quality of a woman. And it was the motivation that kept me going without fear of the tough times. ”- Annet de Graaf (Netherlands)

  • About Annet (Instagram): Annet from Amsterdam has been using iPhone exclusively for photography for over a decade. With a focus on the people, places and things going on in Amsterdam.
  • On her series recorded with iPhone 12:

“Alice in Wonderland is the representative of the highest courage. Even written by men This little girl has inspired my life and my art. I have seen this determination to go on an adventure with the protagonist in this photograph of contemporary dancer Camilla Bundel. I chose the most beautiful and striking tree in Vondelpark in the middle of Amsterdam as the setting for this shot. What I have in mind is the display of female strength, dancing and interacting with elements of nature. The feeling that ‘That girl who was arrogant of her dignity. Who are you?

“Amsterdam hides stories like a wonderful book. I am just revealing the stories on the pages with my iPhone. “

“By sharing the knowledge I have and the stories of other women, Including their culture through my work We fuse into one world We are one as a family. ”- Anna Aiko (Japan)

  • About Anna (Instagram): Anna Aiko was born in Tokyo and was raised in Eastern and Western cultures. Both Japanese and French She is a world traveler and photographer who uses an iPhone exclusively for filming, and is a psycho-energy therapist.
  • On her series recorded with iPhone 12:

“In this futuristic city of Dubai There is a history of Bedouin women hidden in the depths. They wander through the changing seasons in the vast desert. Knowledge of handicrafts is passed from mother to daughter. That is, Ghazel’s technique of using fleece to create a tent called Bait Al Sha’ar, blankets, etc., preserving the emirate’s heritage. ”

“Since ancient times Hospitality is the most important cultural identity in an Arab family. As a female photographer I had the opportunity to bond with women and be welcomed as family members. I have experienced the hidden beauty of Arab women life. Which inspired me to learn more about promoting women’s talent and their culture. “

“I am impressed with the excellent performance of the iPhone 12 that captures and captures the beauty and color of the artwork. And when using night mode Still retains more detail than our own eyes can see at night. “


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