Apple imagines a retractable keyboard for the next MacBook

To reduce the thickness of its MacBooks, Apple has filed a patent describing a retractable keyboard.

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The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently granted Apple a patent. Noticed by the site Patently Apple, which tracks all the patents registered by the brand, it describes a system allowing to retract the keyboard when we close thecomputer. With this process, the thickness of the chassis can be reduced by a few millimeters.

It must be said that whatever the manufacturer, the finesse of the laptops remains one of the priorities and all means are good to achieve it. And precisely for Apple, with the arrival of MacBook with an architecture of processor ARM whose dimensions reduce the size of the motherboard, the addition of this process should further reduce the thickness of the brand’s computers. The patent describes a keyboard which sinks into the chassis when the screen is folded. These are the hinges of it which act on a magnetic system which raises or lowers the keyboard.

The patent shows a keyboard which can sink into the chassis when the screen is closed. © USPTO, Patently Apple

ARM and retractable keyboard for more finesse

This is not the first time that Apple has been looking for a process to further reduce the thickness of its laptops. So, five years ago, the brand released its butterfly keyboard. With fine touches with very little stroke, it nevertheless encountered many. The concern carries leaves devoid of stems …. “data-image =” /midioriginal/a/9/5/a951c465b3_50037139_souci.jpg “data-url =” “data-more =” Read more “>worries, forcing the brand to backtrack for a little over a year. The smoothness of MacBook has not been affected, since the thickness of the keys and their short stroke have been maintained.

With this new process, it would indeed be possible for Apple to reduce the thickness a little, while knowing that it still requires space to accommodate this keyboard. As always, the approval of this patent by the USPTO does not mean that the brand will integrate the technology soon in its new models.

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