Apple Has Waterproof iPhone Screen Technology

Tuesday, 05 July 2022 – 21:35 WIB

Illustration of an iPhone cell phone. Photo: Apple – The US Patent and Trademark Office has just released a patent for a technology that allows iPhones to be used to type in the rain.

The US Patent and Trademark Office says the technology can modify the functionality of electronic devices due to exposure to moisture.

It’s true that many phones have water-resistant certification, but that doesn’t mean it makes it easy to type on the screen or with wet fingers.

With the new patent, Apple plans to adapt the iPhone screen to humidity whether it’s light rain, getting soaked, or the handset being used underwater.

On-screen controls can change according to user-selected buttons so typing can be more accurate when the screen is wet.

Apple also seems to be adjusting finger pressure to the screen in the scheme of use in the rain.

Not only when it rains, later this technology will also allow the use of cellphones in the water better.

Later, Apple will provide information on the depth of water where the device is located.

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