Apple has deployed higher price tags on the new MacBook Pro

Last year before Christmas, the American computer giant lured the MacBook Pro 13 – the number in the title indicates the size of the screen, similar to this year’s news.

At that time, Apple was praised to heaven for putting a price tag on the conditions of apple devices very sensibly. The basic model could be purchased from as little as CZK 38,990.

However, in the case of two novelties that premiered on Monday, the prices are far more ambitious. MacBook Pro 14 will cost potential applicants CZK 58,990, for a larger MacBook Pro 16 they will pay CZK 72,990.

Both models have such price tags only in the case of basic configurations. If you decide for a more powerful chip, more RAM or more storage, the price will easily increase by several tens of thousands of crowns.

Pre-orders are currently being accepted for the new MacBook Pro. Sellers should have the news in stock at the end of October.

New MacBook Pro (2021)

Photo: archive of creators

MacBook Pro (2020)

Photo: manufacturer’s archive

Above all, the new MacBooks Pro bring higher performance. Last year’s M1 chipset was one of the best on the market, offering high performance while maintaining very favorable consumption.

But the news called M1 Pro and Apple M1 Max surpasses it in all respects.

Apple claims that the ten-core M1 Max chip is up to 3.7 times faster. It includes graphics that are up to thirteen times more powerful. Machine learning is up to eleven times faster.

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The M1 Pro is a bit slower than the M1 Max, but should still be one of the most powerful processors on the market.

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