Apple event 10 November: what can you expect?

On Tuesday November 10 there will be another Apple event! It is already the third Apple event this fall. New Apple Watch models and iPads were unveiled in September, and the iPhone 12 was in the spotlight in October. And Tuesday evening? Then the Mac is expected to take center stage. Apple may also have a surprise for us.

Primeur: Apple Silicon Mac

It’s official: Apple is going to make chips for the Mac itself, something they have been doing for some time for the iPhone, among others. The news about this Apple Silicon chip was announced during WWDC in June, when Apple already made a promise: in 2020 there will be a Mac with this processor. It will probably be clear tomorrow which Macs are involved. Apple wants to switch completely to Apple Silicon within two years.

According to Apple, the new chip is more powerful and energy efficient. The goal is to deliver the highest possible performance, but at the same time also to use as little energy as possible. The battery life could be considerably extended. The question is, which Mac will get the scoop? Apple treats agree that it is probably a MacBook. Desktop Macs like the Mac Pro are more powerful and so it takes more time and effort to make the switch there.

We may see a new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro tomorrow – although there is also a lot of speculation about a 16-inch MacBook Pro. A notable rumor concerns the 12-inch MacBook: which was withdrawn from the market last year, but may be making a comeback.

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By the way: if you are hoping for a MacBook with a completely new design, you will come home from the cold fair on Tuesday. The new chip is revolutionary by Apple standards (such a large switch has not been made since 2006), but it cannot be seen in Macs. They probably just keep the same design.

macOS Big Sur

During WWDC Apple gave a sneak preview of the new operating system of the Mac, macOS Big Sur. This will be the biggest update for your Mac in years, as is evident from the official name: we are finally moving from macOS 10.15 to macOS 11! But when does it happen?

The new macOS version usually appears in September. Last year, macOS Catalina came out on October 7, which was extremely late. We are now already in November and there is an Apple event coming up. One and one is two: we may hear more during the event. If Apple takes the same approach as with iOS 14, you can download the new operating system on Wednesday.

One more thing

AirTags concept

Don’t you find the news about Macs with a new chip so interesting? Even then, the Apple event may be of interest to you. We assume that Apple will present ‘one more thing’ tomorrow. There are several candidates for this:

  • The AirTags: you can attach these tags to your valuables. Your jacket, your bag, your keys. You can then track them through the Find My app.
  • AirPods: For the first time Apple would present a luxury over-ear headphone with noise cancellation, the AirPods Studio. But there are also rumors about the third generation of the regular AirPods, with the design of the AirPods Pro.
  • Apple Glass: Apple is still working on Augmented Reality glasses, which show information in your field of vision through the glasses. There is a very slim chance that we will see him tomorrow, but it would surprise us very much.
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