Apple engineer says that AirPods Pro 2 doesn’t support Lossless because he wants more reliability

AirPods Pro 2, although they are the latest AirPods of 2022, but stillLossless is not supported. of Apple Music, which Apple engineers said because they want to focus more on reliability

Apple engineer says that AirPods Pro 2 does not support Lossless

Apple released its latest AirPods Pro 2, but they still don’t support lossless audio, which is the main selling point of Apple music in Apple Music. Currently, no AirPods support this feature.

*Lossless in Apple Music is 24-bit/48KHz, Lossless in high resolution up to 192KHz. To hear the Lossless features, wired headphones with a converter are required. from digital to analog

Apple engineer Esge Andersen spoke to What Hi-Fi? In this regard, he said that audio quality is a priority for Apple and that improving audio quality shouldn’t involve changing the codec you’re using.

Andersen reveals that the codec that Apple now uses IS “highly reliable” and believes that the codec used does not affect or limit the sound quality of Bluetooth products.

Additionally, Andersen revealed that the development of AirPods Pro 2 involved audio experts for feedback on sound quality. to find the perfect fit because it can’t make it perfect for everyone

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