Apple Design Awards 2021: Honoring the Best-in-Class Apps and Games Across Six Categories

Today, Apple is honored to announce the winners of the annual Apple Design Awards, honoring 12 best-in-class apps and games. This year’s winning team of developers hails from all over the world, all of whom have created creative and innovative apps of outstanding design.

The Apple Design Awards selected 12 best-in-class apps and games from 36 finalists, all of which exemplified technical excellence. There are six categories of diversity and inclusion, fun experience, interactive communication, social impact, visual art and innovative thinking, each with an app and a game. The winners were selected from 36 shortlisted entries, all of which demonstrated exceptional technical achievement. Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, said: “Apps and games are integral to the way we live, work and play, and Apple is very happy to recognize outstanding developers and highlight their outstanding creativity and design. We want to Congratulations to each of this year’s Apple Design Award winners for creating thoughtful app experiences and engaging games that inspire and entertain users around the world.”

Diversity and inclusion

Winners in this category provide a great experience for all by supporting people from diverse backgrounds, ability levels and languages. Apps:《Universe — Website Builder》 Developer: Universe Exploration Company (USA) By reducing and removing the complexity and barriers of use, Universe empowers everyone to build websites. The app lets people create their perfect storefront, artist homepage, community group page, or personal website online, while simultaneously running features like Dynamic Text Levels and VoiceOver, making Universe as accessible as possible.

《Universe — Website Builder》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

Universe — Website Builder shown on iPhone 14 Pro.

Universe — Website Builder by Universe Exploration Company is an Apple Design Award winner in the Diversity and Inclusion category. game:《stitch.》 Developer: Lykke Studios (Thailand) Apple Arcade game stitch. with cross-generational appeal brings users the calming and meditative art of embroidery. As the game progresses, the difficulty of the design will increase, and the background music can bring the player into a calm state. With multilingual support and customizable accessibility options for colorblind, low-vision and motion sensitive users, everyone can enjoy it.Finalists in this category include the《Passenger Assistance》by Alessandro Di Maio《Anne》by Klemens Strasser《Ancient Board Game Collection》and by Fein Games GmbH《Finding Hannah》

《stitch.》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

“Stitch.” displayed on an iPhone 14 Pro.

stitch. by Lykke Studios, winner of the Apple Design Awards in the Diversity and Inclusion category.

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Fun Experience

Winners in this category use Apple technology to deliver memorable, highly interactive and satisfying experiences. Apps:Duolingo Developer: Duolingo, Inc. (USA) More than a decade after its launch, Duolingo continues to expand its all-encompassing experience with redesigned experiences and new lessons for endangered, indigenous, and fictional languages Language learning pathways. Users are engaged by the augmented session content and stay for fun personas and gamification experiences, including quests, challenges, and leaderboards, all help maintain learner engagement.

《多鄰國》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

Duolingo shown on iPhone 14 Pro.

Duolingo by Duolingo, Inc. is the winner of the Apple Design Awards in the Playful Experience category. game:《Afterplace》 Developer: Evan Kice (USA) Combining retro pixel adventures with modern elements, Afterplace is an unforgettable indie RPG with contemporary goodness, just the right amount of nostalgia, bad jokes, and fun to explore. The app is designed for mobile devices and can be controlled by swiping and tapping instead of virtual buttons. The game’s ingenious starting teaching allows players to integrate into the game world, and its intuitive one-handed control system also makes it easier and more fun to explore the strange surprises and hidden rewards in “Afterplace”.Finalists for this category include The CREME Group Inc. 《Creme》launched by IORAMA《Chantlings》by GAME FREAK Inc. 《Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!》and by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger 《Knotwords》

《Afterplace》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

“Afterplace” shown on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Afterplace by Evan Kice is the winner of the Apple Design Awards in the Playful Experience category.

Interactive communication

Winners in this category offer intuitive interfaces and easy controls tailored to the platform. Apps:《Flighty》 Developer: Flighty LLC (USA) “Flighty” provides users with detailed flight maps, airport navigation, delay prediction and other information with a beautifully designed app experience. With the most essential information, an intuitive interface and a comprehensive real-time map, Flighty makes navigating travel incredibly smooth. This app cleverly integrates Apple’s technology, including Siri “shortcuts”, Apple “maps” and “instant news”, covering every link of the traveler’s journey.

《Flighty》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

“Flighty” shown on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Flighty by Flighty LLC is the winner of the Apple Design Awards in the Interactive Communication category. game:“Orbit Link” Developer: Afterburn (Poland) The simplicity of Orbital Links makes the interactions fun, including an introductory tutorial that conspicuously omits text, bullet points, and menu navigation. Under the ingenious design of the game, restoration and correction are a breeze. “Orbit Link” has become an exquisite puzzle game with fresh animation and colorful graphics, which makes it easy to play and hard to put down.Finalists in this category include entries by Pinterest, Inc. 《Shuffles by Pinterest》by Condor Digital LLC 《Tide Guide: Charts & Tables》by Idle Friday LTD 《Automatoys》and by HumaNature Studios Inc. “Kimono Cat”

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《軌道連結》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

Orbital Link shown on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Orbital Links by Afterburn is the winner of the Apple Design Awards in the Interactive Communication category.

social impact

Winners in this category improve lives in meaningful ways and highlight important issues. Apps:《Headspace》 Developer: Headspace (USA) “Headspace” introduces mindfulness meditation to the public, through its minimalist user interface, charming video content and unique illustrations, you can see its intentions. The app is so rich in content that users can choose from a wide range of voices to guide them to content that suits their needs, from long instructional sessions to short five-minute breaks. The App is integrated with the Apple Watch, allowing users to start mindfulness moments from their wrists at any time.

《Headspace》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

“Headspace” shown on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Headspace by Headspace is an Apple Design Award winner in the Social Impact category. game:《Endling》 Developer: HandyGames (Germany) In this side-scrolling game, Endling puts the player in the role of a fox struggling to navigate a scorched land ravaged by environmental catastrophe and human influence. Players will have the opportunity to establish a direct empathy and connection with the protagonist of the game. The game’s simple controls ensure that the story, not the interaction, is the focus of the game.Finalists in this category include Duolingo, Inc. Duolingolaunched by Sago Mini 《Sago Mini First Words》by Team Hindsight 《Hindsight》and by Charles Games sro 《Beecarbonize》



Endling by HandyGames is an Apple Design Award winner in the Social Impact category.

visual arts

Winners in this category create stunning graphics, beautifully drawn interfaces, and high-quality animations, resulting in a unique and coherent theme. Apps:《Any Distance》 Developer: Any Distance Inc. (USA) Any Distance is a cutting-edge workout tracker with dynamic charts that users can share. The app makes full use of the “Instant Feed” and Apple Watch integration to collect and present fitness data, which includes not only traditional physical training such as running and cycling, but also wheelchair exercise, stroller running and walking, and recumbent exercise. Cycling. In-app medal collections and an inspiring community add to the fun and encourage users to keep improving.

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《Any Distance》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

“Any Distance” shown on iPhone 14 Pro.

Any Distance by Any Distance Inc. is an Apple Design Award winner in the Visual Art category. game:《Resident Evil Village》 Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd. (Japan) Powered by Apple silicon, ProMotion, Metal 3, and Extended Dynamic Range, this horror adventure game offers superb visual detail. Resident Evil Village’s creepy castles and dilapidated factories are among the most realistic and atmospheric on the Mac.Finalists for this category include Presented by Gentler Stories LLC 《Gentler Streak Health Fitness》by Forge and Form GmbH 《Riveo》by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Diablo Immortaland by HandyGames 《Endling》

《Resident Evil Village》顯示在 MacBook Pro 上。

Resident Evil Village displayed on a MacBook Pro.

Resident Evil Village by CAPCOM Co., Ltd. is the winner of the Apple Design Awards in the Visual Art category.

innovative thinking

Using Apple technology in innovative ways, winners in this category deliver state-of-the-art experiences that stand out in their respective creation categories. Apps:《SwingVision: A.I. Tennis App》 Developer: SwingVision Inc. (USA) With the combined power of artificial intelligence and a neural network engine, SwingVision acts as a tennis coach, assisting in every aspect of the game. SwingVision’s advanced image tracking features are excellent at assessing patterns, highlighting strengths, and suggesting areas for improvement. The data comes not only from the camera, but also from the integration with the Apple Watch.

《SwingVision: A.I. Tennis App》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

“SwingVision: AI Tennis App” displayed on iPhone 14 Pro.

SwingVision: AI Tennis App by SwingVision Inc. is an Apple Design Award winner in the Innovative Thinking category. game:“Marvel: Instant Fight” Developer: Second Dinner (Mainland China) With stunning animations and a fun tactile experience, Marvel Instant Strikes perfectly conveys the personality of each character in the multiverse. This collectible card game redefines the genre with its snappy gameplay and innovative “snap” mechanic, injecting a whole new level of strategy into the game with instant doubling of the stakes.

《漫威:瞬戰超能》顯示在 iPhone 14 Pro 上。

Marvel: Instantaneous is shown on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Marvel: Instantaneous, presented by Second Dinner, is an Apple Design Award winner in the Out-of-the-box thinking category.Shortlisted entries in this category include the presentation by Reincubate Ltd. 《Camo》by Rise Science Inc.《Rise: Energy & Sleep Tracker》launched by CAPCOM Co., Ltd.《Resident Evil Village》and by Lykke Studios 《stitch.》

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