Apple cuts the price of iPhone 11 after the announcement of the iPhone 12 … Find out how much

Apple lowered the price of a phone iPhone 11 About $ 100, bringing its price to $ 599 after announcing Series iPhone 12Before the new phones were announced, the price was iPhone 11 It stands at about $ 699 thanks to its powerful chip and great camera.

A chain comes iPhone 12, Which starts at $ 699 with iPhone 12 Mini, With a wide range of improvements and upgrades, the outstanding feature of the series iPhone 12 It is a connection 5GApple and the telecom industry have promised for years to deliver ultra-fast data speeds for cloud gaming, high-quality video calls and streaming video, and an overall faster and better user experience. Applications that require data.

It is worth noting that Apple yesterday held a “Hi, Speed” event, where it finally revealed the four new iPhone 12 phones, which feature a completely new design and will all support 5G wireless networks, and Apple also announced HomePod mini, a smaller and more affordable version of the HomePod speaker. Smartphone, Apple has also announced that the new iPhone 12 phones will be shipped without a charger or a pair of earphones in the box, to reduce their impact on the environment, and instead, they will be provided with a USB-C cable.

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