Apple Cancels iPhone 12 Release, Warganet Disappointed

Apple iPhone (pixabay)

MATA INDONESIA, JAKARTA – Apple just hosted Apple Event, at its headquarters in California, United States on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 yesterday. In this event, Apple released iOS 14 and a number of its newest products.

The new products range from the Apple Watch Serie 6 to the latest iPad Air. But unfortunately, the prima donna, namely iPhone 12 canceled his attendance at the event last night.

Suddenly, this made people disappointed. The reason is, they are already very enthusiastic about the presence of this latest iPhone, which is reportedly the first Apple smartphone with 5G capabilities. Previously, Apple has been intensively announcing the iPhone 12 in the last few months.

The disappointment was uploaded via a tweet on Twitter regarding the cancellation of the launch of the iPhone 12 this September. In fact, not a few of them did meme as a form of annoyance.

Generally, Apple has released its newest products especially the iPhone every September since 2012. However, in 2011, Apple released the iPhone 4s in October. Thus, this is not the first time Apple has ‘PHP’ related to the launch of its newest iPhone.

Until now, there has been no information from Apple regarding the absence of the iPhone 12 at last night’s event. Initially, the iPhone 12 was ready to be released in September this year and will be sold and bought in October.

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