Apple: “Be careful with covering webcam from MacBook”


Because of privacy concerns, many people tape their laptop’s webcam with a piece of tape, or use one sticky slide to easily cover their camera. Apple advises users now to close their MacBook with such a cover.

Screen can break

According to Apple, the screen can be damaged if a MacBook is closed with a cover over the camera. Users on forum Reddit Report for example screen problems at the 16-inch MacBook Pro after using a camera cover.

Too little space

According to Apple, there is not enough space between the screen and the keyboard to accommodate a cover. Covering the camera can also cover the ambient light sensor, interfering with features such as automatic brightness and True Tone.

Apple states that the green indicator light next to the camera on the MacBook always lights up when the camera is turned on. According to Apple, it is not possible to activate the camera without the light being on.


If users still have to tap their camera from their employer, for example, Apple recommends a cover of no thicker than sheet of printer paper: 0.1 millimeter. We also advise against covering that can leave adhesive residue, such as tape.

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