Apple Announces Virtual Reality Glasses with Impressive Features for the Metaverse Race

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Apple has announced that it is joining the Metaverse race with virtual reality glasses.

And Apple announces these glasses at a conference to be held on June 5.

The properties of the glasses

Among the important characteristics of these glasses are the following:

1- Two OLED screens with a resolution of 4000 pixels per inch and a brightness of 500.

2- It will make the wearer feel as if he is in more convincing virtual factors

3- It will feature a 3D system to be used in its own operating system.

4- More than 10 cameras are used to read hand gestures and eye movements, and are also used to control applications.

Apple products

Mentioning that all of Apple’s products – other than the smart watch and virtual reality glasses – involve other companies, whether in terms of cutting or assembling the product.

Features of the glasses

According to the technical specialist, “Ming-Chi Qiu”, some information is available about the glasses, as follows:

1- The high cost, which can reach $3,000.

2- It will support micro-OLED lenses with ultra 4K resolution.

3- The advanced M2 chipset, which Apple provides for its advanced computers and smartphones.

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