Apple Acquires Augmented Reality Startup Mira from Los Angeles


Apple acquire a startup from Los Angeles, United States named Mira. The startup is a maker of augmented reality headsets for companies and the US military.

This acquisition was revealed by CEO Mira Ben Taft’s post on his Instagram account, and later confirmed by Apple, quoted detikINET from The verge, Wednesday (7/6/2023).

The acquisition came to light just a day after Apple showcased the Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset that costs USD 3,499. Apple categorizes this headset as its newest spatial computing platform.

It is not known how much money Apple spent to acquire Mira. But so far Mira has received funding of USD 17 million. Joni Ive, former Apple design boss, used to be an adviser at the startup.

Apple’s statements regarding this acquisition are normative and are the same as their statements when acquiring other companies. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we do not fundamentally disclose our goals or plans,” said an Apple spokesperson.

It is also unclear whether Apple will continue Mira’s ongoing contracts with other parties. Likewise with his contract with the US military. However, considering Apple’s track record, it is likely that the contract with the US military will not be continued.

The contract in question is Mira’s cooperation with the US Air Force and Navy worth USD 702,351. Under this contract Mira supplies her Prism Pro headset to pilots at Travis Air Force Base, which is used to display instructions for using the equipment.

One of the major contracts that Mira is currently working on is with Nintendo World, for the use of her AR headset in Mario Kart rides at Nintendo World theme parks in Japan and Los Angeles.

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This Mira headset is used to display virtual characters and various internal items to users who are playing in Nintendo World rides.

So far, Apple has brought in at least 11 Mira employees as part of the acquisition. “Really excited for the next step, at Apple :),” Taft wrote in the Instagram post.

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