Apple abandons iMac Pro – Tech Advisor

Apple has confirmed that the iMac Pro will drop from the lineup as soon as the current stock runs out.

Those who want a powerful all-in-one computer will in the future be sent back to the 27-inch iMac model which launched in August. By customizing the components when ordering, it is possible to achieve features similar to those of the iMac Pro.

Unfortunately, the 27-inch iMac isn’t available in Space Gray.

On March 6, the iMac Pro went on sale in the Apple Store with an unusual note saying it would be available as long as stock lasted, and options to increase memory or storage were gone. Both of these clues seemed to indicate that the iMac Pro was either about to be released or about to be updated, we now know that this is the first case.

Last week, some iMac models became unavailable. In this case, it seems much more likely that new iMacs are on the way.



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