Appearing nicely with AC Milan, Man United wants to bring home Diogo Dalot: Okezone Bola

MANCHESTER – Management Manchester United Not interested in releasing the right fullback, Diogo Dalot, permanently to AC Milan in the summer transfer market of 2021. According to the Italian Football report, Friday (30/10/2020), Man United will bring home Diogo Dalot when his loan period with AC Milan ends. in the summer of 2021.

Diogo Dalot was brought in by Man United from FC Porto in the summer of 2018, or during the coaching of Jose Mourinho. Predicted to be Man United’s mainstay player, the Portuguese fullback failed to shine with the Red Devils.

(Dalot at Man United)

During two seasons defending Man United, Diogo Dalot only played in 35 games with a collection of one goal and three assists. Therefore, in the summer of 2020 Man United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer loaned Diogo Dalot to AC Milan.

So far, Dalot has only played with Milan twice. Both matches were played by Diogo Dalot in the European League. Unexpectedly, Dalot’s quality really showed in these two matches.

When Milan won 3-1 over Glasgow Celtic, Dalot finished as a right fullback. Not only strong in defense, Diogo Dalot also actively attacked in the match.

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The affirmation of Diogo Dalot’s greatness when attacking (despite his full-back position) was presented during Milan’s 3-0 win over Sparta Prague earlier this morning. Diogo Dalot who came down as a left fullback packed one goal and one assist!

Therefore, Man United are interested in repatriating Diogo Dalot. This is because Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who is currently Man United’s right fullback, is not active enough to help attack.


(Wan-Bissaka is less good at helping attacks)

The former Crystal Palace player is indeed strong in defense, but is less reliable when assisting attacks. You could say, Wan-Bissaka could not keep up with Man United’s left fullback, Alex Telles, who is known to be good at scoring goals and assists.

If it is true that he was sent back to Old Trafford, Diogo Dalot will not waste this opportunity. Because the opportunity will not come more than twice.

Moreover, Man United is one of Europe’s top clubs which has a very strong source of funding. Therefore, it is interesting to wait for the continuation of the news of Diogo Dalot’s return to Man United.

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