Appearance of Venus’ Volcano Discovered

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Venus apparently has one active volcano. The mountain that was detected near Maat Mons is reportedly still emitting lava.

Volcanoes on Venus were actually detected in the early 1990s. At that time, the NASA Magellan plane captured data on the presence of volcanoes on the planet’s surface.

But to expand on the study, the researchers were careful with the findings. Because the 30 year old data from Magellan needs to be confirmed again it’s not something the plane caused.

So, they choose a location that is in some data set. Next move them so they’ll be looking down at the bottom of the possibly active volcano.

From the findings near Maat Mons, the mountain hole is similar to a kidney. The data also found that new streams were created and spread across the surface of Venus, quoted from BGR, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

Photo: 3D View of Venus Volcano, Maat Mons (Credit: BGR)
3D View of the Venus Volcano, Maat Mons (Credit: BGR)

This finding is so interesting because NASA plans to launch a mission to Venus. Especially to study this active volcano later.

The mission to Venus is planned to depart between 2028 and 2030. In reports Reuters In 2021, NASA will study the planet’s atmosphere and geological features and how they differ from Earth.

NASA will carry out two missions with each being funded by US$500 million. The two are dubbed DAVINCI+ (Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry and Imaging) and VERITAS (Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography and Spectroscopy).

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DAVINCI+ is tasked with measuring the composition of Venus’ greenhouse atmosphere, the goal being to better understand how the planet evolves. Meanwhile VERITAS will map the planet’s surface from orbit to help determine its geological history.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]


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