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England and Germany have a long-standing football rivalry, now they meet in the Nations League A group. When they met in 2017, English supporters sang disgusting xenophobic war rhymes against the German players and supporters, something that was described as a low water mark by the English Football Association FA.

England are currently serving a penalty that they received in connection with last year’s European Championship final. Most of the ticketless English supporters tried to enter the final arena at Wembley and fought with the staff on the spot.

– You are ashamed when you hear about all the mess, you know it is a representation of your country, said national team captain Gareth Southgate according to The Telegraph.

1,122 people banned

According to the British newspaper, 880 people have had to hand in their passports, so they can not travel to the match, in addition, 1,122 people have been directly banned from the match.

England has only had access to 3,466 tickets but there are expected to be significantly more English on site in Germany.

– There will always be problems, but we want our fans to go to Munich and be respectful, we would like the same from the German supporters.

No alcohol will be served inside the arena, in addition, English staff have been flown in to help the German police.

– We (the team) can only try to send the right signals, then you have to trust that people can behave, Southgate concluded.

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Elanga after the debut goal.

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