Appeal to Stay Alert After Crowds of Child Kidnapping Hoaxes in the Capital City


News kidnapping children in the Jakarta and surrounding areas have been spreading through chain messages since last weekend. The police confirmed that the news of child abductions in the capital city and its surroundings was false information or hoax (hoax).

At the end of last week, the issue of child abductions occurring in the Jakarta area was widely spread through social media (medsos). Polda Metro Jaya confirmed that the information was false.

From the photos seen detikcom, Saturday (28/1/2023), several people were seen who were narrated as the perpetrators of the kidnapping. Underneath is an appeal to the public to be vigilant against these perpetrators.

“Please be vigilant because it’s currently the season for child kidnapping in Indonesia. Be alert!! There are kidnappings of children aged 1-12 years. Ladies and gentlemen, you have to watch over our children carefully! Kidnappings are happening in the villages and he disguised himself as: seller, om telolet, pregnant woman, beggar,” said the information hoax the.

In another photo, you can also see information that the kidnapping took place in several locations, such as the city of Depok. Above it is a slogan bearing the logo of Polda Metro Jaya and Binmas Polri, which disseminate information about the kidnapping case.

When asked for confirmation, Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko confirmed that the chain message did not come from Polda Metro Jaya. He confirmed the message was news hoax or old hoax.

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Hoax“This distribution case has been going on since 2018,” said Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko when asked for confirmation, Saturday (28/1).

Trunoyudo asked the public not to be easily provoked by the news circulating. All information that is spread must be sought first.

“So that residents are no longer consumed by hoax issues that can unsettle the community. Filter first before sharing,” he said.

He also asked the public not to hesitate to ask questions and seek assistance from the local government, including the police, regarding the circulation of this information.

“Take advantage of police services either through Bhabinkamtibmas in the local RW, services at the precinct and police stations, even Polda Metro Jaya, for any troubling information,” he concluded.

Fake news of kidnappings are also said to have occurred in Depok, West Java, to Cakung, East Jakarta. Information about the kidnapping in Depok was straightened out by the National Police through the Instagram account of the Police Public Relations Division, @divisihumaspolri.

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