App Store: Epic Games brings iron to Australia

Epic Games do not let go and multiply legal actions against Apple. The studio behind Fortnite has just filed an antitrust request with the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission Australian. As you might expect, this query concerns theApp Store and its 30% “tax” (15% for companies generating less than $ 1 million in annual revenue).

Epic Games is stepping up legal attacks against Apple and its App Store. The studio would like to use its own payment system for in-app purchases

Epic’s arguments are a copy and paste of the studio’s previous anti-trust complaints: “Apple’s conduct is symptomatic of limitless market power, which results in significant harm to Australian consumers and the competition. In the absence of these anti-competitive restrictions, application developers would have a greater ability to distribute their applications, which would lead to improved competition and innovation for the benefit of Australian consumers ”. That has the merit of being clear…

Finally, it should be noted that Epic Games has already filed a similar complaint in Australia with the Australian Federal Court and that the Australian regulator has launched its own antitrust investigation on the App Store and the Play Store.

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