Apology Man Threatens to Break Bobby Nasution’s Neck


Rizkan Putra realized that he had made a mistake because he had threatened to break the neck of the Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution. Rizkan apologized for his actions.

“Previously I apologize profusely for, in particular, Mr. Bobby, especially for the parking attendant, because I have said rudely,” said Rizkan at the Medan Polrestabes, as reported by secondsNorth SumatraMonday (25/4/2022).

In addition to apologizing, Rizkan also recounted the incident before threatening Bobby. He admitted that at that time he did not want to pay for parking using electronic parking (e-parking).

“But Sir (Kapolda North Sumatra), the previous incident was not that I didn’t want to pay for parking. I wanted to pay for parking but used a parking lot cashbecause I was afraid that at that time he (the parking attendant) would enter dashboard my car right away,” he said.

Rizkan admitted that at that time he was emotional because he judged the parking attendant to be rude. According to him, the parking attendant without ‘excuse me’, suddenly immediately asked for a card e-parking to him.

“He has no manners, no greetings, it’s nothing, he immediately asked for a card e-toll. Because as far as I know, the card e-toll the balance can be drained,” he said.

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(zak / maa)

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