Apina has no plans to become a young grandmother

Ksenia Iratova was born in the singer’s second marriage.

Alena Apina. Photo: Globallookpress.com

Singer Alena Apina on the air of the program “You Won’t Believe It!” on the NTV channel she spoke about the hobbies of her only daughter, Ksenia Iratova. Very soon, the heiress of the bright performer will turn 19 years old. She grew up to be a real beauty.

Alena Apina with her daughter
Alena Apina with her daughter. Photo: frame from the program “You Won’t Believe!”

“So far, fortunately, there can be no question that she would make me a young grandmother. She has a wonderful time, which is called youth. She has many boys she knows. Sitting at home next to mother’s skirt is by no means about her. “

Alena Apina

As noted by Apina, who herself broke up with her second husband four years ago, while she is in no hurry to get married. “Stamp in the passport? What for? I need a stamp in my heart. But there is no stamp in the passport, ”she said.

Recall that the daughter of Alena Apina gave birth in 2001 from the producer Alexander Iratov. They got married in 1993. The celebration was attended at one time by many stars of show business. After the divorce, Alena Apina prefers to be alone and not start a new relationship.


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