Aphid mother-actor Diederik Ebbinge experiences horror figure horror

With the success of The lice mother Still fresh in memory, actor and writer Diederik Ebbinge has been given the opportunity to close the gap Sunday with Lubach on NPO3. But where Arjen Lubach (40) manages to captivate millions of people as standard, Diederik draws with his fictional talk show Promenade no full rooms. The first episode was good for 210,000 viewers last week, a week later barely half of that is left. That cannot be due to the time slot, given the figures of predecessor Lubach.

Diederik has also not really campaigned for his new program. “That all takes time, dude”, he said in it AD. “Actually, I only say yes if I have something to sell. Like now.” The decrease of this only appears to be considerably less than that of his previous production, The lice mother.

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