Apart from Nikon, this is another product that has closed operations in Indonesia

KOMPAS.com – The well-known company PT Nikon Indonesia announced the closure of its operations in Indonesia starting today, Thursday (22/10/2020).

The announcement of the operational closure was made by Nikon Indonesia through an upload on an Instagram account on Wednesday (21/10/2020).

“After nearly 8 years of Nikon Indonesia’s journey, we inform you that today, October 21, 2020 is the last day the Imaging Division of PT Nikon Indonesia operates in Indonesia,” said Nikon’s statement.

In his statement, all sales, marketing and service activities will be submitted to PT Alta Nikindo as the official distributor in Indonesia.

However, the exact reasons for the closure of Nikon’s operations in Indonesia are not known.

The closure of Nikon in Indonesia adds to the list of foreign products that have closed its operations in Indonesia.

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Here’s the list:

General Motors (GM) officially stopped sales of Chevrolet in Indonesia since March 2020.

GM Southeast Asia President Hector Villareal said the decision was issued after a comprehensive review of GM’s potential business plan in Indonesia.

“In Indonesia, we do not have an automotive market segment that can provide sustainable business benefits,” he explained.

However, the car brand from the US still serves consumer needs in terms of after-sales.

Yuniadi Hartono, External Affairs and Communications Director of GM Indonesia, said that the company still guarantees repairs and spare parts, including Chevrolet car warranty services.

“We are not completely leaving, our dealers are still open as before,” he said.

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2. Pepsi

KOMPAS.com/Akbar Bhayu Tamtomo Pepsi’s journey in Indonesia

Last year, US carbonated beverage producer PepsiCo stopped its sales in Indonesia.

This is because PT Anugerah Indofood Barokah Makmur (AIBM) and PepsiCo Inc agreed to terminate their cooperation contracts since 2013.

Corporate Secretary of PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (ICBP) Gideon A Putra said that the termination of the cooperation was purely due to commercial reasons, namely the termination of the Exclusive Bottling Agreement (EBA) agreement.

“The end of cooperation with PepsiCo is because the EBA term has ended. AIBM and PepsiCo have agreed not to continue the EBA term for commercial reasons,” said Gideon.

Pepsi itself has been present in Indonesia since 1996 under PT Pepsi Indobevereges which was founded by the Salim Group. In 2013, Indofood then acquired the company.

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PT Ford Motor Indonesia also officially left Indonesia in 2016 because it did not get any sustainable benefits.

FMI Managing Director Bagus Susanto explained that this decision came directly from the principal and his party had been given prior information.

“My decision was told, basically the company’s decision is like this, we must announce it transparently to all affected parties,” said Bagus.

As the Sole Agent Brand (ATPM), PT Ford Motor Indonesia has been operating since 2000 and is known as a tough vehicle manufacturer, such as the Ranger and Everest.

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Since 2014, the Subaru automotive brand is no longer circulating in Indonesia. This is because the import permit of PT Motor Image Indonesia (MII) as a distributor has been frozen by the Customs and Excise Directorate.

The reason is that the import carried out by Subaru violated the law by falsifying import documents.

As a result, they have had to pay taxes of IDR 1.5 trillion on import activities since 2013. Customs and Excise also confiscated hundreds of Subaru cars.

Since that case, Subaru no longer has a license to sell in the domestic automotive market.

Source: Kompas.com (Dio Dananjaya / Aditya Maulana / Fika Nurul Ulya / Dandy Bayu Bramasta | Editor: Aditya Maulana / Azwar Ferdian / Erlangga Djumena / Resa Ayu Sartika)


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