Apart from MP40 Cobra and M1887 Rapper Underworld, there is a mysterious character in September, who is he

DESKABABLE – In the FF redeem code on the month September Garena provides cool weapon prizes including MP40 Cobra and M1887 Rapper Underworld.

But on the moon September this Garena preparing character a new one that is still in the experimental stage, called character mysterious. This character is prepared to have skills that are not inferior to character-previous characters like Alok, Jota, Chrono.

So the moon September so it feels special because this month is sprinkled with cool prizes with deadly weapons such as MP40 Cobra and M1887 Rapper Underworld, as well as character mysterious which is being prepared Garena.

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Character mysterious it is based on character in the real world, and is currently still in the experimental stage. Become a fan Free Fire those who have already activated the Advance Server, maybe you have already tried character mysterious the.

MP40 Cobra and M1887 Rapper Underworld

As for weapons, of course who is not familiar with two fierce weapons MP40 Cobra and M1887 Rapper Underworld, two weapons that are in high demand by fans Free Fire.

MP40 Cobra which costs Rp. 2 million and weapons of destruction M1887 Rapper Underworld survivors can get it by claiming the latest FF redeem code to the prize site Garena.

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