Ao’s Longtime Business Partner Caused Controversy, Steam Veteran Driver’s World’s ‘Wallpaper Engine’ Receives Explosive Praise Again | 4Gamers

The software “Wallpaper Engine: Tablecloth Engine”, which has received overwhelming praise on Steam, has received more than 500,000 positive reviews, and last weekend thousands of support from Chinese Steam players came again, and the reason why is the creation of Chinese video Director Ao’s (Director Ao) latest production distribution video caused many players to violently criticize director Ao in the comments.

Launched at the end of 2016, “Tablecloth Engine” was widely acclaimed for its ability to support gif, web and various dynamic audio and video files to be displayed on computer desktops, later becoming aold pilot Xintiandi

Just last week, “Tablecloth Engine” received thousands of positive reviews again, and most of them were from Chinese gamers. However, if you look at the reviews carefully, you will find that most of the comments criticize the audiovisual creator director Chinese Ao.


This is because, director Ao released a new video “The Bitterness behind the Gray Area of ​​​​​​Steam Wallpaper Software” last week, but this video is not for promoting “Wallpaper Engine”, but for an APP for wallpapers for mobile phones in China. Industrial distribution.

Although the video content highlights the industry distribution app by describing the age search and review functions of “Tablecloth Engine”, at the same time, some netizens are concerned that the video makes the adult content of “Tablecloth Engine ” targeted by whistleblowers and be rectified and taken off shelves They asked the video to leave a message AppearA large number of netizens are dissatisfied with director Ao.Although the original video has been taken off the shelves, there are already netizensbackupsloading.


In the past, director Ao provided the business matching for the game “Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage” jointly produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Oasis Games and October Culture Studio in 2020. The game and director Ao are come into fire from bad reviews in China.

Due to the factory manager Ao’s accident, the gray area of ​​the “Tablecloth Engine” accompanying countless old driver brothers and bitterly crying was once again noticed, according to foreign media reported by MIT last yearThe fact that the ratio of Chinese users of “Tablecloth Engine” is too highdue to China’s ban on online pornography, and Steam’s Wallpaper Engine just managed to get around censorship by the country’s authorities.

MIT experts believe that this approach may not last forever and that one day Chinese censorship will crack down on the adult content of “Tablecloth Engine”.


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