AOb survey: ‘Education quality dropped sharply due to corona crisis’ | NOW

Half of the teachers in all sectors believe that the quality of education has deteriorated sharply due to the corona crisis. Secondary education is particularly hard hit. This appears from a Monday investigation of education union AOb, which was filled by 7,833 members.

Three quarters of the teachers in secondary education see a decline in quality. Almost half (45 percent) fear that students will not be able to prepare properly for their exams, while a majority (55 percent) still has confidence in this.

Primary school teachers are slightly more positive. 60 percent of respondents from primary education think that the quality of education has remained the same. In special education and practical education, about half of the teachers think that the quality is now worse than before the corona crisis.

“This survey shows what we were already afraid of”, says Henrik de Moel of the AOb daily. “With the arrival of COVID-19, education has come under even more pressure. At first the schools were completely closed, now lessons are still dropped because children or colleagues have to stay at home due to infections or quarantine. even whole classes go home or schools closed. That is taking its toll on the quality of education. Education simply needs more people and resources to keep up.

Many students across the board are doing worse

Pupils from all levels of education perform worse than in previous years. According to secondary school teachers, this applies to 65 percent of their pupils, while their colleagues from primary education see this in 40 percent of the pupils and teachers from special (secondary) education and practical education in 30 percent.

The AOb believes that education staff who fall into a risk category should be better protected and calls on the cabinet to devote more attention to the final exam candidates for this school year. For example, they could receive extra tutoring and other support and steps could be taken to prevent class drop-outs, according to the union.


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