Anuel AA debuts tattoos on his face and receives criticism from his followers

Recently, the urban music singer Anuel AA made news on his social networks by revealing that it had been done two new tattoos.

But these engravings on his skin were not like any other, since he did it to his face.

Tattoos on the face

One of them is the phrase “Fear God” (Fear God), which was drawn on one side of his face, above the right eyebrow, while the other is a little cross under your eye, also on the right side of your face.

This intervention on his face was shared by the artist on his Instagram account, where he already accumulates more than 1.5 million ‘likes’ and more than 30 thousand comments from his followers.

The reaction of his followers

However, these new tattoos were not to everyone’s liking, since many left words criticizing the decision of Anuel AA to tattoo his face.

“Boss, don’t hurt your face”, “I’m a loyal fan, but that’s not the attitude, I don’t like that, don’t hurt your face” and “He looked better without tattoos on his face”, were some of the comments of his followers.

Even the well-known reggaeton singer Ivy Queen commented on his photograph, writing “Wait … a min (Wait a minute). What happened here. Heyeeee !! “.

Karol G also gets tattoos

But Anuel AA was not the only one who released new tattoos, since his partner, the Colombian Karol G, one was also made. In his case it was engraved on one of his arms and it was the design of a butterfly.

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