Antwerp residential care center in quarantine after half of residents … (Deurne)

Deurne –

In residential care center De Tol in the Antwerp district of Deurne, 44 of the 81 residents tested positive for COVID-19. Two residents have died, five others are in hospital. Care company Antwerp is now introducing quarantine throughout the rest home. Visits are suspended for at least one week from Saturday.

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A resident tested positive for corona on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, five additional residents were tested, who also showed symptoms. Care company Antwerp then decided to introduce an amended visit schedule in residential care center De Tol from Thursday and to preventively test all residents and employees on Friday.

“On Saturday, the results show that 44 of the 81 residents tested positive for covid-19. Care company Antwerp has therefore decided to quarantine all residents in the residential care center. Unfortunately, two residents have died. Five residents have been admitted to hospital, ”said a press release.

Visit without appointment

The residential care center takes all possible precautions in consultation with the Agency for Care and Health. Visits are suspended for at least one week from Saturday. For palliative residents, visits are always possible by appointment. All residents and family members are notified personally. The test results of the employees are not yet available. In the other residential care centers of Zorgbedrijf Antwerp, visits are still possible without prior appointment. Only in the Europasquare residential care center in Deurne, precautionary visits are limited to one visitor per week.

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