Antwerp recycling shops have to contend with large overstock (Antwerp)

The warehouses of the Kringwinkels are still bulging. That is why the organization asks to sort things in boxes as much as possible. ©  rr

At the reopening in early May, the Antwerp Kring shops were overloaded with second-hand items that people wanted to get rid of after the corona lockdown. Four months later, the ten branches spread across the Antwerp territory are still struggling with an enormous overstock. That is why the organization calls for goods to be delivered sorted as much as possible.

The corona period seems to have led to a real tidying up rage, because the Kring shops are still receiving more stuff than before. That also has a downside. “We still have a large overstock in our storage areas, which mainly dates from the peak period and which we cannot get rid of,” says Louise Vrints of De Kringwinkel.

“We suspect that spending more time at home also gives people more time to go through their stuff. We now mainly receive more household goods such as toys, but also books. ”

However, the number of customers is not in the same upward trend. “We now receive slightly fewer customers. We notice that people are still a bit reserved and are less fun shopping. The people who pass by buy more than before. ”

Louise Vrints in front of the Kringwinkel at the airport of Deurne © Dirk Kerstens

During the large drop-in peak in May, De Kringwinkel took the drastic decision to close all give points on Saturdays. “We don’t want to go that far this time. We are very grateful to our donors for the things we receive, ”says Louise Vrints. The Kring shops are calling for goods to be sorted in cardboard boxes, so that they can be stacked in the warehouses as practically as possible. “People can also help by pre-sorting their goods by product category. In an ideal situation, people separate different boxes with clothing, household goods and electronics, ”says Vrints. joro

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