Antwerp police inexorable: café that 1 after midnight … (Antwerp)

Antwerp –

A café in the Luikstraat in Antwerp is closed during the night from Friday to Saturday due to non-compliance with the mandatory closing time. The local police reports this. The case had announced on social media that they would close at 11pm, but reopen just after midnight.

“We will reopen our doors on Saturday at 0.01 am as we have not received any notification regarding new opening hours,” the café had announced on social media on Thursday. However, this contradicts the latest ministerial decree on the corona measures, which states that drinking establishments must remain closed continuously between 11 pm and 6 am.

The police do not believe that the operator was not aware of that decision. “It has been clearly explained in the media, among others, what the closing time is for catering businesses, and why that measure has been determined.”

At the cafe was a person who approached passers-by and informed them that the place was open. That man, the manager of the business, also opened the door for guests arriving by taxi. When the police entered the bar shortly after midnight, 12 people were inside, including two staff. Full glasses indicated that drinks were still being served.

The police drew up an official report. The case has also been closed administratively.

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