Antuna analyzes America’s contract; fines and salary delay signing

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The agreement Come in Chivas and America for him exchange by Uriel Antuna and Sebastián Córdova it’s done but the operation has not been closed because the still player of the Flock disagrees with some clauses of the contract proposed by the directive of the Eagles.

In the clauses that are in the analysis by the player are those of the discipline there is in club azulcrema, where they exist costly fines if something gets out of control, as well as some bonuses from their on-field performance.

The fines for indiscipline and else they are not up for discussion in Coapa, even all the players on the team have these controls in their contracts.

Antuna is to the liking of Santiago Solari, The strategist understands that the characteristics of the Mexican national team are not within his squad and that is why as soon as he had to approve the change, he did not think about it.

Will Antuna reach the starting 11 of America?

If El Brujo arrives at Coapa, he will not do so as a starting player, must earn the place competing with Renato Ibarra and Leonardo Suárez in case they remain in the institution or with another element that may come from abroad.

Within the Eagles they have full confidence about what Antuna will accept all the conditions and they hope to close the operation no later than next week when they finish their participation with the Mexican National Team in the friendly game against Chile in Austin, Texas.



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