ants up towel ants up sanitary napkins Are you at risk of diabetes?

Ants on towels, sanitary napkins, suspect diabetes? If you see ants like this, do you need to see a doctor?

Ants grow on towels, mattresses, or find ants on used tampons. This is a warning Or is it just the nature of the ants? Who often finds ants in the towel or ants on sanitary napkins Let’s check it out what is the reason why ants grow on our personal items? Or because we have high blood sugar levels, ants come to swarm.

Ants on towels – sanitary napkins, what causes it?

When we find ants on towels, on the bed, on the clothes that have already been worn Or ants up panties – sanitary napkins It can be caused by a number of reasons as follows:

1. Ants eat dead skin cells.

Ants are animals that tend to find food scraps already. And the scraps of skin cells that our bodies take turns every day are food for ants as well. The dead skin cells will be attached to the clothes. The towels we use here. So I saw ants on the towel. up the clothes or can wear panties

2. Bacteria, microorganisms

In addition to dead skin cells on towels, panties and used clothing. There are bacterial plaques or microorganisms that are the source of food for the ants as well. Especially around the crotch or crotch that may have white discharge. menstrual stains More bacterial plaque from sugar is left over than the rest, and this is one of the reasons why panties have holes.

hole in panties Is there a problem with my sister? Why do you like missing only on target?

3. Humidity

Towels are humid, cool, and they’re a great source of food. Therefore, ants can nest, eat and sleep in a complete range of comfort, especially in the summer when it is difficult for ants to find food. We will find ants in the towel. in damp clothes Or find ants on tampons more often than usual

Ants up towel-sanitary napkins ants in panties
Diabetes ask?

ants up towel

The ants on personal items can not be concluded that. Are we diabetic? because they have to measure blood sugar levels or detect sugar in the urine So it’s clear that he’s sick.

However, in diabetic patients with very high blood sugar levels or unable to control blood sugar levels The body will excrete excess sugar through the urine. which if urine splashed into panties contaminated sanitary napkins Or seep into the pants They can summon ants to sniff tampons, panties, or clothes that have already been worn. In addition, urine that is high in sugar is a good source of food for bacteria. Resulting in urinary tract infections easily too.

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How to prevent ants from growing on towels-clothes

ants up towel

If you don’t want ants to get on your towels, sanitary napkins, and clothes, let’s find a way to prevent ants. Just do this.

  • After using the towel every time The towel should be exposed to the wind and sunlight to dry completely, not damp.

  • Change clothes frequently to avoid sweat stains. Bacteria accumulate in the clothes too much and become a food source for ants.

  • Do not place worn clothes in damp places. And try to wash often, do not accumulate until the basket overflows. because it will be a source of edible habitat for ants

  • Always wash and dry your towels and clothes before placing them in the closet.

  • The tampon should be changed every 3-4 hours and the tampon should be completely wrapped in paper. and then dispose of the garbage If you can throw garbage outside the house, it will be good.

The ants on the towels, clothes, in addition to the risk that ants will bite us. Some people feel shocked that our bodies are abnormal or not. So if you find that ants get up on towels, sting tampons, or ants bite your panties in holes, You should notice your symptoms first.that there is any abnormality or not And if you find other signs along with it, you should consult a doctor for diagnosis.

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