Antonin “12 strokes of noon” weighs heavily on Paul, the public’s favorite!


The 12 noon shots recently celebrated their 10th anniversary on the air. Jean-Luc Reichmann will therefore have seen many candidates, as well as the public. But despite everything, there are some who mark the spirits and who remain in the hearts. This is obviously the case with Paul, a young man who is a fan of history and extremely endearing. Antonin, another candidate, will allow himself to sire what he sincerely thinks of what is the darling of the public of 12 noon shots.

His opinions on Paul and on Eric

Paul was a candidate from April 29 to October 10, 2019 in The 12 noon shots. He therefore has to his credit, 153 participations and earnings which amounted to 50,000 euros. When Antonin met him, it was with great joy and great humility. Indeed, Antonin has long dreamed in front of his television screen of joining the candidates and Jean-Luc Reichmann. Now that it’s done, he had the pleasure of returning to the set for the week of confrontations of the former noon masters. Antonin therefore met those who made him dream, including Paul. He admires his performances and cannot get over the kindness and spontaneity of the darling of 12 noon shots.

For Antonin, it was an immense honor to meet in the flesh the one who is third on the show’s record chart. He will also have the chance to meet Eric, the number one 12 noon shots. Antonin compliments these big stars of the show in turn.

the 12 noon shots see Antonin settle down, a pride for his grandparents

He considers them heroes and the public agrees with him. So much so that his sympathy will attract the affection of the fans. Indeed, some do not hesitate to wonder if the new darling of the public of 12 noon shots could become Antoninus. For the young man, it is an honor to join those he admired behind his television screen. He who was encouraged by his grandparents to join the cast of 12 noon shots, he is very proud to be able to pay tribute to them and thank them from the show.

Antonin continues his ascent and more and more fans are behind him!

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