Antonella Fiordelisi lashes out at mother upon exit from GfVip: “You allowed me to leave, thank you”

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Antonella Fiordelisi finds out about her mother’s appeal launched from her Instagram profile (1.2 million followers) and she was very upset: “Mom, you let me out, thank you”.

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Antonella fiordelisi she was incredibly eliminated from televoting after her mother’s appeal on Instagram (she used her daughter’s profile with 1.2 million followers) and an open letter to Pier Silvio Berlusconi. Alfonso Signorini lets her read her mother’s appeal and thus discovers the reason why she was eliminated. This also reveals that the dramas she was experiencing in recent days were perhaps the result of a strategy because when she learned of her mother’s appeal, Antonella Fiordelisi’s reaction was very cynical: “It was all counterproductive, it was better that I stood still and shut up.” And then to the mother: “Thank you mom, you let me out.”

Antonella Fiordelisi’s reaction

Alfonso Signorini then shows her the actions of her mother which somehow influenced the vote, because his actions were taken up by all the newspapers: “Your mom invited all your fans not to save you, now I’ll let you read what she wrote”. Antonella reads the message:

“Seeing my daughter, after yesterday’s episode, asking the fans to leave (evidently they told her that if she leaves the game of her own free will she must pay a large penalty), led me, as a mother, to appeal to the her fans so as not to save her on Monday’s televoting”. Ah! Thanks mom, you let me out.

The previous to the Island of the famous

Antonella Fiordelisi was very upset because she understood well how it went: “But if he did it from my profile it’s normal that it ended like this”, he admitted laconically. Then he recounts the previous one:

Keep in mind that when I was 18 she already once told me not to accept an audition at the Isola dei Famosi because she was sick, she had anxiety. She shouldn’t have done this thing because it’s my thing, I’m the one who can resist. And I’m sick, so she didn’t behave, even though she had her own good reasons for her.

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