Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria increasingly distant – Big Brother VIP

Exactly when Edoardo Donnamaria e Antonella Fiordelisi they seemed to have found a way to live together putting aside their misunderstandings for a while, mutual resentment takes over again.

After spending time playing in a group on the veranda, Edoardo decides to leave, suggesting that he does not want to spend time in Antonella’s company. The former fencer thus decides to join him to ask him the reason for her behavior, but Donnamaria rejects her, determined not to reopen questions that are currently unsolvable.

“The less I have to do with you, the better” says the VIP, while Antonella doesn’t explain the reasons for her resentment, sure she’s on the side of reason. “After what you did?” he retorts. “I have nothing to say, I’ve talked enough” comments Edoardo definitively closing the question.

Antonella, however, can’t find peace and after a few moments she returns to him with a new accusation: “Can you tell me what game you’re playing? Do you have a script?” he asks. Edoardo continues, firm on his point, and answering Antonella who asks him if he has reflected on what happened in recent days he replies: “You’re fake”. “Do you realize what you are telling me?” the former fencer replies annoyed and, in the grip of anger and discouragement, walks away with some agitation.

In the kitchen, the VIP finds Davide ready to console her: “You can’t talk to each other, you just have to stay away. Now is not the time to be around him.” he says, convinced that it’s not the right time to approach Edoardo.

According to Davide, time will help heal the wounds and bring about a clarification: will he be right or is the break between the #Donnalisi definitive?

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