Antique appliances – here’s how much money you can earn

According to a recent German study, it is argued that large companies, to increase sales, are producing domestic appliances programmed to self-destruct, that is, they put on the market appliances that have a shorter life span than the appliances that were bought in the past, that really lasted a lifetime if you didn’t decide you wanted to change them.


The first household appliances began to spread in Italy in the 1950s and 1960s. They appeared from the 1930s in America and contributed to the lifestyle change of Italian families. Born to resist and with an essential design, they revolutionized the furnishing of each house, but above all they relieved women from a part of housework. The Italian industry also benefited. Starting in the 1940s, numerous companies invested in the sector. Among the first were Fiat, Zanussi, Candy, Zanussi, Merloni, Zoppas, Borghi, Fumagalli.


Antique appliances – here’s how much money you can earn

The refrigerator with a rounded design
The first refrigerator was manufactured in 1951 by Ignis. These specimens had a minimum capacity regulated on the needs of the time. It was only later that their size increased. It was in the 1950s that the famous rounded shape came back into fashion in the latest models of household appliances.

The iron
The steam iron already born at the end of the 19th century began to be appreciated by housewives in the 60s. There was no doubt, some time had to pass before they were able to get used to the novelty and a new way of ironing.

Household appliances from Germany
AEG, a German household appliance company, always distinguished itself for the accuracy and refinement of the design that combined with functionality and resistance over time. The first AEG representatives entered the houses showing their products and their operation in an exceptional “showroom”: the Volkswagen van.

The electric cooker
It was 1908 when AEG, a German company, understood the potential of an electric stove from a market research. “Cooking on an electric stove is easy, simple, clean”. Thus was born the first kitchen with stove, oven and grill.

The TV
The first televisions appeared in Italy in the 1930s. In the 1950s it was considered a luxury item present in a few houses and in some bars. Considered an instrument of aggregation, for a long time it also represented an educational and linguistic tool to rely on.

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